Tanjun is a knowledge based, innovation driven organisation working across the entire value chain of skill-development. The word Tanjun means simple or simplicity.

Tanjun has been providing simple solutions to complex skill development challenges by creating limited liability partnerships with the best from around the world and delivering consistently productive solutions to its customers.

Tanjun owns and sustainably runs a Livelihood Skill Training & Research (LSTR) Centre in a profitable business mode to showcase success of it’s rurban micro-enterprise model.

Tanjun has created valuable market linkages by setting up the product & services verticals, that directly and gainfully employ many of the trained youth from its own LSTR and other training providers.

Tanjun leads the global employability partnership ‘NAUKRIS’ (National Archive of Useful Knowledge Resources & Initiatives for Skills) with leading global sports & skill entities.

Tanjun owns and organises two annual events: ‘Greenstock’ focuses on environmental issues and attracts overwhelming participation from youth, while ‘India-Prefab’ brings together the best experts and exclusively deliberates Prefabrication Technology for civil engineering and disaster rehabilitation along with a technology exhibition.

Tanjun owns and runs ‘SportsNawaab’ a skill development & research program within our sports ecosystem with various indigenous and global partners. We do numerous ‘Sport for Employment (S4E) initiatives and are implementing the Australian Government funded ‘Kangaroo BoxInd’ program with school going youth.

Tanjun NECKS (North East Centre for Knowledge & Sports) is positioned on the ‘chicken’s neck’, which is the most vulnerable area on the map of India and the gateway to its great North Eastern states and the rest of SE Asia. NECKS is designed to collect ground data and provide solutions to socio-cultural and environmental issues by involving local youth.