Strong, Speedy & Sustainable construction with an extremely low carbon footprint.

Housing for all: Ferroconcrete is the answer worldwide (Sustainable building solutions since 2001)

Toilets for all: This is the longest time-proven technology (2000+ Bio-toilets installed)

Rainwater Harvesting: Ferroconcrete is totally water proof and non-toxic

Boundary walls:It is one of the best and most sustainable systems & one hundred other things needed to take the country into the next century such as grain storage, check dams, retaining walls, overhead tanks, water channels, culverts.

Ferroconcrete technology from Tanjun is Copyleft.

Thats the direct opposite of Copyright. We take immense pride in having trained hundreds of young persons from across the country to build with prefabricated ferroconcrete. It is a technology that is nearly a century old and Tanjun can proudly showcase over two decade old structures that have stood the test of weather and man alike

Please feel free to download the presentations and technical publications.