Oh the pleasures of natural products. Health, Comfort, Taste and Pride.

Tanjun collects the best natural foods from the Himalayas that are picked by the locals and hygienically processed under our supervision. There is a seasonal array of super grains, protein beans, juices, conserves, preserves, beauty products, honey, ghee (clarified butter), petal extracts, oils, salts, wellness products and dried fruits & herbs.

Hand woven natural fibre fabrics, carpets, anti-allergic clothing and fashion accessories made of fibres such as bamboo, pineapple, banana, lotus, nettle, cotton, hemp, jute, bhimal and many other grasses and barks. Carefully collected from recultivable sources and made using the best design inputs.

These are products of decentralised skill development initiatives in remote regions and small hamlets across the Himalayan belt and the tribal pockets of India. All Tanjun processed naturals are limited edition and only available in their appropriate seasons in the interest of reduced processing and fair trading practices.

Free range…..Free will……Free growth……Free trade……free flow……F R E E D O M