Sumit Kumar Agarwal brings with him over 32 years of leading young & energetic teams in General Electric (GE), Sahara India, Media Reach (London), RDA (Afghanistan), Laqshya Media (India, Sri Lanka & Dubai), Appropriate Technology India (High Altitude Himalayas) and BASIX (Micro-finance across 20,000 Indian villages).
Sumit has founded and heads Tanjun Associate LLP, a social enterprise solutions provider that specialises in the Skill Development space.
He has been instrumental in setting up the State Institute of Capacity Building in Sikkim (India) and was the first skill consultant in the country to attract fund participation of over Rs. 310 million from The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) on behalf of his client as far back as 2009.
He now works from the Tanjun Livelihood Skill Training & Research Centre (LSTR) near Dehradun that is housed in a self-sustaining, earthquake proof, off-grid, energy negative campus within an organic farm. There he uses innovative methodologies to train promising young persons from the rural and rurban landscape and finds employment for them while carrying their success stories to global audiences. <BACK

Rinty Agarwal a Masters in History and a Bachelor’s degree holder in education from the prestigious University of Lucknow has spent over 25 years starting from teaching young adults in leading educational institutions and has gone on to become a highly respected editor and composer of educational books across varied sectors. Her keen acumen resides in the deep understanding of young minds and she excels in finding long-term sustainable solutions to penetrating youth challenges. She is known for her content and curriculum building expertise and quality compilation of educational and skill building pedagogy across diverse sectors and differing cultures. <BACK

Rekha Dey of Rekha Dey Associates, our advisor, is a graduate with honours in Economics who also holds double PG diplomas in International Business from the famed Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), and in Marketing Management from the Institute of Marketing and Management.
She brings with her the formidable qualities of a highly result oriented multi-tasker with over 15 years of work experience in various national and international organisations. Her development sector expertise comes from both the implementation and the funding side of the spectrum encompassing many years of global learning. She heads two successful startup companies, MJR Sports & Wonder Bamboo Enterprises and is the India Director for Sports Education Development Australia (SEDA) a leading sports training institution headquartered in Melbourne. Rekha excels in finding solutions to engage, educate and empower young people as they transition from school to employment or further study. She advises and leads the entire Tanjun team as well as takes leading responsibilities in the sports & bamboo verticals. <BACK

Pratik Kumar is an Electrical Engineer from the globally respected IIT Delhi. He went on to join the Civil Services, where he was commissioned into the National AIDS Control Organization. He followed his natural progression into the drugs and HIV prevention initiative at the UN Office on Drugs and Crime in New Delhi. He has also been the Director of Programs at Population Services International, an international NGO. He carries has over 30 years of experience in managing large-scale programs and innovations in the development sector. He has spent considerable time on ‘adolescent girls, menstrual hygiene and Waste Management.’ He is an active participant with the Foundation for Reproductive Health Services India. Pratik has served as the Chief Executive Officer at Magic Bus India Foundation & proceeded to take up the responsibility of Executive Director for Magic Bus Global operations. He excels in strategic planning, organisational development, building system and processes and resource sourcing. <BACK

Neeraj Mittal is a gifted technical prodigy. The type that not only opens up everything but also finds the right way to put them back without any leftover screws on the table. Neeraj spent his early life with large electronic giants such as ONIDA and Telvideo where he managed customer services and technical feedback desks. He grew into becoming a master trainer for electrical & electronics skills in a leading skill development institutions and worked across Northern India. Somewhere along the way he developed a keen interest and understanding of the possibilities of new technologies in mass housing and uses his sharp analytical brain to find critical solutions for customers during challenging projects in the high Himalayas. <BACK

Rampal Singh Rana is a gifted observer and a multifaceted team leader. It is often difficult to decipher whether he has grown with the organisation or the organisation has grown because of him. He is the one person in the organisation who can deliver all field related work across the entire chain of activities that Tanjun performs with the skill of a master trainer. Rampal is the exemplary skill development success story, who has gone on to become a multi-skill master trainer with no real educational background of his own. <BACK

Anshuk Gupta is a business management graduate from the prestigious university of Bangaluru and has had working ‘experiences across India’s length.’ He carries management experience in marketing information services in a large info-tech & publishing organisation followed by marketing of banking & insurance services with ICICI where his natural talent for social work prompted him to move laterally as a resource mobilisation and community connect person into TMM, one of the most successful non governmental organisation working in the treacherously challenging state of Bihar in India. He has a keen understanding of youth psyche and can move them smoothly from despair to hope without disagreements. <BACK

All As on October 2017