Tanjun owns socially responsible event brands and regularly conducts programs around solutions that have far reaching value for communities and innovative employment opportunities for youth.


‘Greenstock’ is an initiative to encourage collective ecological participation of our youth population under a common umbrella of eco-sports, music, and fun in the Himalayas and other ecologically fragile states of India. We have pledged to plant trees during & after the event in the ecologically fragile Himalayan region, which is the oxygen-bank for the entire indo-gangetic plains housing nearly 500 million people.

Sports Nawaab

Sporting aptitude and aspirations are often the greatest human development indicator when a country is moving towards becoming a knowledge economy. Sportsnawaab is a series of conferences that assists our primary research initiative of the same name and creates predictive data reports on the Business of Sports and offers a platform to investors.

India Prefab

This is a national seminar & brainstorming session on prefabrication in civil engineering, architecture, disaster mitigation & rehabilitation.

India Prefab is considered highly useful to scientists, teachers and engineers in particular and to the society in general. This seminar has been attracting attendance of over 500 delegates representing scientists, teachers, engineers, decision makers, dignitaries and leaders from across India and abroad.

An exhibition of latest technologies is held alongside the seminar showcasing diverse technological solutions from ferroconcrete, bamboo, logs, metal, polymers, containers and numerous other prefab materials.