Tanjun is a skill developer in the service of the Nation. Period.

We have, and continue to build some of the best social enterprise & skill development business projects in the country. We enjoy collecting primary data and spending many productive hours with the best experts to knock around ideas and trash most of what is discussed…..What remains on the table is often absolutely brilliant.

We work with state governments in India over coffee and ideas, rather than papers and files. The Nation of 54% youth population is changing so rapidly that we are facing welcome challenges keeping pace with its sheer focus and speed….we are playing even harder.

We are constantly rewriting the rules and speaking deep within the community to build the best National Occupational Standards, Qualification Packs, Curriculum and Content for skill development. Then going ahead and skill training young persons to create profitable enterprises.

Tanjun services are best availed around the following activities & interventions.

Social Enterprise Solutions

Business Analysis, Strategy & Project Development
Grassroots Action Research
Government to Community (G2C) Linkages

Knowledge & Research
Development of Qualification Packs (QPs)
National Occupational Standards (NOSs)
Curriculum and cocntent for skill development

Grassroots Implementation
Implementation of social programs
Action research & data charting