Tanjun is very proud of its Livelihood Skills Training & Research Centre (LSTR) set in a remote rural area, which also houses its rural micro-enterprises hub and rurban enterprise incubation desk.

Tanjun LSTR centre is equipped with a fully functional hostel, a library, work areas, training room and executive living facilities all built around the actual production facilities that provide the maximum learning opportunity for the trainee.

The LSTR centre is off grid and set inside a fruit orchard without destroying a single tree, which makes it a great place to learn industrial skills along with ecological responsibility.

Not only has Tanjun trained youth from various parts of India but also from Nepal & Afghanistan with master trainers coming from as far as Japan & Europe.

Skill training is conducted in various farm & non-farm vocations, which are clearly divided into wage employment skills & entrepreneurial skills.

Please feel free to download the Booklet on our LSTR